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Club Trip to Heathcliff Crag on 31 Aug 2019

Although it was foggy at Blackheath the crag was dry and there was no wind. The maximum temperature during the day was 8 degrees, great for sending plus we had the crag all to ourselves. Heathcliff is a remote-feeling tall cliff with a great combination of long single pitch routes and short multi-pitches. Contrary to a number of aspirants it didn’t rain so without the weather nervous our group walked in efficiently and we had the time to check out the climbs at Celebrity Crag, towards a future trip. The walk is scenic, good lookouts, steep in part, and fairly complex but no one was lost, the importance of a smaller climbing group. Climbing gems completed included; Fake Blood (18), Bad Blood (19), Chip off the Old Block (19) and the multi-pitch The Rift (19). Climbers were all very busy, there was no lunch break, just snacking on the go. The weather was actually great and we finally arrived at the car park at 5.00pm, a longish day, really enjoyable with a group of like-minded climbers.

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