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Dural Club Trip – 6 June 2020

One of those wonderful sunny days in winter where you can get away with a t-shirt most of the day. We had 9 participants and split into 2 groups and spread out across the crag. Jeff had Elaine, Shannon and Nigel on the first section of lower tier for the best selection of sport routes, whilst Geoff took Daniel, Chris, Andreas and Neil down further to do the trad routes initially. The best routes for trad are called Best Line at the Crag (12) and Second Best Line at the Crag (13). A good opportunity for Chris to learn to place gear and fortuitously Daniel had brought a triple rack so no chance of inadequate gear selection.

This crag has mostly easy grades, but a few had a chance to play on the slightly more moderate routes such as Wisdom with Silence (17), Still Cannot Fix This Broken Machine (17) and 0’s and 1’s (19). But the more popular routes were Deathwalker (15), Bum Crack (15) and Once Bitten (16) which can be climbed in a variety of footwear such as approach shoes (or crocs).

Article: Geoff Cooper Photos: Jeff Crass

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