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Mt Gibraltar Club Trip – 13 June 2020

We arrived to discover that recent rain left the slab walls seeping and soggy, but decided to explore which routes were climbable. Demetrius, Tom and Nathan attacked the soaking pitch 1 of Nintendo 64 (17) but found that the remaining pitches – including a finish on The Very Easy route (13) were much more reasonable. Geoff, Andrew and Tony tried The Devil’s Tears (17) and a big thanks to Jeff Crass for helping to stick clip the first bolt with the old school method of actually using sticks. A bit of French-free climbing and negotiating the very wet start of pitch 2 and we finally got to the top anchors. Later on, we all went up The Very Easy Route and Gripping Yarn (16) – although with a rope tangle late in the day needed to combine forces and get 4 people up the final section all on the one remaining un-tangled rope.

Article: Geoff Cooper Photos: Jeff Crass

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