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Must-Do Sport Multi-Pitches

Best to start with climbs that have easy access and no abseil required:

  • Here Be Dragons, Mt Gibraltar (grade 18, 52m, 4 pitches)

  • Schwing, Medlow Bath (grade 18, 46m, 2 pitches)

  • Whymper, Sublime Point (grade 19, 150m, 5 pitches)

  • Saccharine Nightmare, Sublime Point (grade 22, 100m, 4 pitches)

The next routes all require an abseil, but have access to the base of the climb or easy escape from an adjacent easy route:

  • Let’s Get a Taco, Medlow Bath (grade 18, 36m, 2 pitches)

  • Stuck in the Middle with You, Medlow Bath (grade 19, 38m, 2 pitches)

  • Bohemiath, Medlow Bath (grade 20, 37m, 2 pitches)

  • Mr Orange (grade 21, 38m, 2 pitches)

  • My Way or the Highway (grade 21, 39m, 2 pitches)

Multi-pitch abseiling is required for the next ones:

  • Mr Big, James Bond (grade 19, 85m, 3 pitches)

  • Dirty Rotten Pig, Rhum Dhu (grade 19, 130m, 4 pitches)

  • The Rift, Heathcliff (grade 19, 55m, 3 pitches)

  • Cats in the Cradle, Mt Boyce (grade 19, 53m, 3 pitches)

These ones have no escape from the base, so you would need to get back to the top somehow:

  • Whale of a Time, Scarborough Cliffs (grade 16, 50m, 3 pitches)

  • Bellbird Wall, Pulpit Rock (grade 18, 100m, 3 pitches)

Pierce’s pass has an escape from the base, but very long bushbashing:

  • West Face of the Mirrorball, Pierce’s Pass (grade 19, 120m, 4 pitches)

  • Bunny Bucket Buttress, Pierce’s Pass (grade 18, 270m, 8 pitches)

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