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Social Survey Results

Firstly – a huge thanks to everyone who filled in the social survey. The number of respondents was higher than expected, and it was great to see the enthusiasm contained in the club for these events. I have included a summary of the results below for those who are interested, as well as my thoughts on where we will take it from here.

We will be discussing the results and planning further in February’s club meeting – so if you would like to be involved at all, please do try to come along! All social events (when I get my act together) will go onto the social page and calendar so keep an eye on that in the next month to see events starting to go up!

Climbing Trips: As a quick note, there were a few requests within the survey for more climbing trips. This has been passed onto the committee. For those that don’t know, the social events are kept separate from the climbing events. The club climbing trips are covered by the club insurance (have a look at the website for details) and so only club members are allowed to attend. By making sure social events are not club climbing trips, we can have family members and non-club members come along as well. Anyone can organise a climbing trip – just use the ‘contact us’ page on the website to contact the committeee about organising something.

Overall Results: The overall results were great for the social survey. People were mostly keen on the ‘non athletic’ events and some social indoor climbing. In addition, I had a few offers of help (thanks everyone, standby for me to contact you!) and some great suggestions. Around 55% of respondents had previously been to social events.

Using the results as a guide, I hope that we will be able to start a monthly social climb, and do up to six or more other socials through the year.

Sporting events (other than climbing): Whilst only 43% of respondents said they were interested in this kind of event, both the high ropes and the zip wire received enough yes’ to suggest they would be well received. Therefore, both of these will be run this year. There were a few suggestions for a family picnic as well, so we will look to combine something like that with one of these.

Other suggestions for this category included indoor skydiving, trapeze, mountaineering/first aid courses and bushwalks. We will look to include some of these if interest is high.

Non-Athletic Activity: This had the highest response rate with a whopping 88% of respondents saying they would be interested. Of these respondents, the highest ranking activities were: Banff or Reel Rock Movie Night and Mountain Adventure Night (both 65%); Sheep Roast (62%); Pub Dinner (60%) and Christmas Dinner (55%) so we will do our best to deliver on all of these through the year.

Other suggestions from this category mixed well with those from the sporting events above, including picnics and courses.

Social Climbing Nights: 76% of people overall were keen to have some social climbing events. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights were most popular suiting between 43%-47% of people who answered the question. 56% of people wanted mixed locations, and of the others who said a specific gym – 90% of those preferred St Peter’s as their home Gym. 55% of people said they would be tempted by food… 🙂

From these results, I am hoping to start a Mid-Month Madness climbing event – starting in February. The first climb will be at St Peters. These will be one night of the week in the middle week of each month, and we will alternate between St Peters and other Gyms. I will look into getting some food in on the night. Keep a look out in your inboxes for more details in the next few weeks!!

Clean Up Australia Day: We have done this in the past as a social event, and it will be doing it again this year. Keep a lookout on the website and in your inboxes for updated information!

Finally: Thanks again to everyone who responded. A final reminder that we will be discussing this again in the February meeting. So if you have any questions or suggestions, please do come along so your voice can be heard.

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