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Tom Thumb Gear List

This post is to show the gear list and photos for heading out to the classic Blue Mountains multi-pitch Tom Thumb.

The leader should carry:

  • A 50 or 60 metre dynamic climbing rope

  • Basic trad rack with medium nuts, cams from #0.4 to #3 and a nut tool

  • 12 bolt plates

  • 12 quickdraws - preferrably with some longer slings and alpine draws

  • ATC belay device

  • Slings and locking quickdraws

  • Prusiks for backing up abseils, ascending double ropes and rescue

The seconder should carry:

  • Another 50 or 60 metre rope as the abseils are approximately 50 metres long. Consider using twin or half ropes

  • ATC belay device

  • Nut tool

  • Sling and lockers

  • Prusiks

Both parties should also carry essential items including:

  • Helmet

  • Harness

  • Comfortable climbing shoes that you can wear all day

  • Plenty of water (1-2 litres)

  • Headtorch and spare batteries

  • Rain/wind jacket

  • Gloves for long abseils and belaying in cool weather

  • Walkie talkies as the leader will be out of sight of the belay on most pitches

Other key items for one person to also bring:

  • Emergency beacon

  • First-aid kit

  • Toileting items - toilet paper, wag bag, shovel

Author: Geoff Cooper

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