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Welcome to our new website!

Our venerable website which has served us for many years has become increasingly difficult to maintain, and more out of touch with the latest web technologies. We need to manage every aspect of it using outdated technology. Content updates are limited in the types of media and formatting they can include, the site layout cannot be changed without technical know-how, and security is difficult to maintain with out-of-date software. And when there are any issues, they require specialised skills to resolve.

Over the last few months, work has been progressing with migrating all the site’s contents to a managed Wix platform and we are now ready to launch. This site is much more user friendly to update and more flexible in the changes we can make. The underlying platform is fully supported by Wix meaning we don’t need to dive into any technical issues. Additionally, it is cheaper than the previous solution. All this will enable content to be published more easily and frequently, with no special skills needed.

Please have a look around and enjoy the new site. For suggestions and feedback, please use our Contact Us page.

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