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Climbing Trips

Sydney Rockclimbing Club run climbing trips throughout the year where our members get together and have a fun day out on the rock.

Upcoming trips

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The club has moved to a new method of organising trips since 2020. Members will receive an invitation to register and trips will be organised based on registration (covering participant availability, climbing proficiency and the desired style – e.g. trad, sport, multi-pitch, top rope).

Recent trips since AGM in Dec 2020

  1. Alford's Point on 5 Dec 2020 led by Jeff Crass, Geoff Cooper, Ian Ryan, Karen Smith

  2. Bangor West on 23 Jan 2021 led by Jeff Crass, Ian Ryan

  3. Lindfield Rocks on 6 Feb 2021 led by Geoff Cooper, Jeff Crass, Ian Ryan

  4. Dam Cliffs on 7 Feb 2021 led by Bas and Hester Slade

  5. Mt Piddington on 28 Feb 2021 led by Geoff Cooper

  6. Soft Parade on 28 Feb 2021 led by Jeff Crass

  7. Mt Gibraltar on 6 Mar 2021 led by Jeff Crass

  8. Medlow Bath on 7 Mar 2021 led by Bernard Pfeil, Gavin Rech

  9. Heathcliff on 13 Mar 2021 led by Geoff Cooper

  10. Bungonia (Reflux Crag) on 3 Apr 2021 led by Geoff Cooper

  11. Slab World on 10 Apr 2021 led by Bernard Pfeil

  12. The Nest on 17 Apr 2021 led by Geoff Cooper

  13. Dural on 25 Apr 2021 led by Andreas Rauch, Jeff Crass

  14. Zig Zag on 1 May 2021 led by Geoff Cooper

  15. Narrabeen (slabs) on 2 May 2021 led by Jeff Crass, Geoff Cooper

  16. Mt Alexandra on 9 May 2021 led by Geoff Cooper

  17. Jimmy Cliff on 15 May 2021 led by Geoff Cooper, Jeff Crass

  18. Berowra on 5 Jun 2021 led by Jeff Crass, Andreas Rauch

  19. Wahroonga Rocks on 12 Jun 2021 led by Geoff Cooper, Jeff Crass

  20. Mt Gibraltar on 27 Jun 2021 led by Geoff Cooper

  21. Bell Supercrag on 18 Dec 2021 led by Geoff Cooper

  22. Corroboree Walls on 19 Dec 2021 led by Jeff Crass

  23. Bell Supercrag on 27 Dec 2021 led by Jeff Crass

Organising a trip

Any member with sufficient skills and experience can organise and lead a club climbing trip. Refer to our Trip Leader Guide for information on how to organise a trip and send your trip proposal to the Rockies Trip Convenor The Trip Convenor will email you back and is responsible for approving, registering and advertising club trips.

Attending a trip

Anyone can attend a club trip so climbers can see what the club is all about before joining. After the first climb, you need to join the club if you want to continue climbing with the Rockies.  Climbers should provide their own equipment, including a helmet. Club trips will generally be organised by email, so simply respond to the trip organiser saying that you would like to attend. Refer to the Trip Participant Guide for details on participating in Rockies climbing trips.

Club Policy

  • The Sydney Rockclimbing Club follow recommendations set out in the Australian Adventure Standard (AAS) planned to be implemented Sept 2019, in the identification and management of risks when running club climbing trips. Each climbing trip is planned in advance and a Risk Management Plan prepared to identify and plan mitigation and management of specific risks during climbing trips.

  • All members must review and agree to our waiver upon joining the club.

  • The Sydney Rockclimbing Club has basic Personal Injury Insurance that covers members on climbing trips in the event of an accident.

  • The club does not have public liability insurance.

  • Non-members are permitted to attend club climbing trips on the understanding they will join the club if they want to join a second trip.


Non-members are not covered by the clubs personal injury policy and must be informed of this.

  • Non-members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The responsible adult will be made aware of risks and management of the risks via the RMP and will supervise and be responsible for the young people in their care. This is at the discretion of the Trip Leader who may deem a location unsuitable for younger children due to difficult access.

  • Activities that are not permitted as part of club climbing trips include:

    • unroped above 4.5 metres

    • ‘slack lining’ or ‘high lining’

    • climbing involving mountaineering and ice climbing


AAS Background and Links

The Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS) and Good Practice Guides (GPG’s) are designed to ensure effective, responsible, sustainable and safe delivery of adventure activities to ‘dependent participants’.


Currently each state and territory maintains its own set of Adventure Activity Standards (AAS). These will remain the current standard in the respective state and territory until that state or territory adopts the AAAS, these include NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia (though some of these are very dated e.g. 2009).


Note: the Australian Adventure Activity Standards were developed to be consistent across activities with the National Training Package in Outdoor Recreation, describing skills and knowledge that an individual should have to lead a specific activity at any given level. As these skill sets are developed by the outdoors sector it is appropriate that they be used as the basis for the AAAS process.


Australian Climbing Instructors’ Association (ACIA): The ACIA is an incorporated association that has been formed to represent the interests of climbing instructors and guides throughout Australia.


Be safe and enjoy your climbing!

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